Malachite| Symbol Of Noble Temperament

Malachite | A symbol of aristocratic temperament, I love this green malachite. As a gemstone favored by high-end jewelry brands, there are many unknown "trivia". We have compiled a list of things you must know about malachite, which not only makes the jewelry you wear more meaningful, but also can stand tall in your jewelry box with proper maintenance! Malachite existed at least two thousand years before the mining of emeralds. In ancient times, Egyptians would grind malachite into powder as eyeshadow, which was a "beauty product" that Cleopatra loved. In addition, malachite was also used as a painting pigment by ancient Chinese painters. Wang Ximeng's painting "Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains" in the Song Dynasty used malachite as a green pigment in the painting, creating stunning green landscapes for later generations. Peacock stone was also favored by ancient European nobles, whether used as palace decoration or as a jewelry accessory. In addition, ancient people also used peacock stone as a talisman to protect peace and drive away evil. And this gemstone is also a commemorative stone for the 13th wedding anniversary, which is very meaningful as a gift.
Malachite Necklace

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