What is Amber?

The old amber resin is a kind of fossil millions of years ago. For thousands of years, it has been favored by the upper class, and it has been depicted in a mysterious way by national culture. Studying it is almost like a cloud drop. It is called amber because of the name "color is like honey, and the wax is bright". According to Tibetan Buddhism, amber is a very spiritual treasure, one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, with its spirituality and efficacy. Tibetan Buddhism; The Chinese book Classic of Mountains and Seas says "Pei zhi immaculate disease", meaning it could prevent illness if worn regularly. Old amber was formed in the vicissitudes of life, and it has been silently condensed for thousands of years.

Some of them are transparent, some are ethereal. Amber is a warm organic gem, which is light in weight and won't feel heavy in your hand. Amber is one of the seven treasures in Eastern Buddhism, which is enough to prove that amber bracelets have a powerful effect of exorcizing evil spirits and cultivating self-cultivation. Wearing amber bracelets can ward off evil spirits and eliminate negative energy, and it is also an excellent treasure that is good for human health. Wearing amber jewelry is half beauty, half wisdom, one taste, and one intelligence. Now I believe that most people also attach great importance to their external charm, so wearing amber bracelets will be the embodiment of your personal taste and cultural charm. Apart from the prominent role of amber bracelets, it is more important to highlight the wearer's self-confidence, temperament, personality, sentiment, etc. Wearing amber bracelets can often make you confident of your ability, pursue continuous success and personality.

In our ancient times, amber has been considered by our ancients to be spiritual things, made into amber hand string wear in the body to ward off evil spirits, auspicious. It has the effects of exorcizing evil spirits and protecting peace. With the development of science, people began to realize that the ingredient in amber is succinic acid, which is good for the human body. Wearing amber can not only wash your mind, but also bring health to your body. The property of amber can be absorbed by the skin, enter the heart through the blood, and then flow through the blood all over the body, helping to smooth the blood and relieve aging. 

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