Origin of Ghau Prayer Box

The word Ghau is a transliteration of Tibetan in Chinese. She refers to the box of the Buddha who protects himself. The box usually contains four small Buddha statues, thick pieces of scripture, pieces of clothes, including Buddhist relics, Ganlu pills, some pills read by some eminent monks, and pieces of Rinpoche's hair and clothes. As a function of protecting oneself and praying, you can take out the Ghau prayer box that you carry with you to pray for peace of mind.

Ghau prayer boxes are generally made of gold, silver and copper. Carrying Ghau prayer boxes with you is not only for worshiping Buddha, but also for pursuing one's faith. Ghau prayer box is one of the representatives of Tibetan culture, and it is also a kind of beauty honed by years. The location close to the heart is also the closest place to Buddha. It looks like a small Ghau prayer box, which is not only the carrier or container of Buddha statues, but also the most awe-inspiring and clean place in the heart.

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