Jewelry Care Instructions


1.) Keep away from water. Do not immerse jewelry in water.

2.) Avoid direct contact with perfume, body lotions or other chemicals.

3.) Remove jewelry when bathing, showering or swimming.

4.) Clean the pieces after use and occasionally wipe with a soft cloth.

5.) Remove jewelry before going to bed or participating in physical activity.

Thangka Maintenance Tips

1. Thangka can't be placed in a wet place, let alone get water. For example, the south is no better than the north, and the air is relatively humid, so the Thangka should be cooled regularly and kept dry as much as possible, otherwise it will fade.

2. Don't expose the sun, because Thangka is painted on cotton cloth. If it is exposed to the sun, the cotton cloth will expand and open the color on the picture and crack it, and try to put Thangka at constant temperature.

3. Thangka should not smoke for a long time. Although it is painted with ore, plants, gold, etc., long-term smoke will also make Thangka's surface slightly yellow, and gold oxidation is relatively old.

4. The dust on the surface of Thangka can be gently wiped clean. Wet cloths and cotton balls can't be wiped, nor can chemical cleaners be stained with Thangka.

5. When collecting, you can scroll, but when collecting the scroll, you must iron the edge of Thangka flat, and cover the heart of Thangka with several layers of cotton paper to keep the same thickness as the edge of the painting. The Tangka painter of this site recommends not to roll it up and save it for a long time.