What is Red Coral?

Red coral, pearls and amber are recognized as the three major organic gemstones in the world. Among them, red coral ranks first among the three organic gemstones with its high price and scarce resources.

symbolizes the eternity of life

Red coral has always been regarded as an auspicious and happy thing, symbolizing the eternity of dignity, auspiciousness and life. It has always been a treasure and ornament loved by the magnates of Chinese courts. 5,000 years ago, He Bo presented a large number of rare treasures to Dayu because of Dayu's contributions to water control. Dayu only chose three pieces, one of which was coral.

Red corals in the ancient roman times

The human use of red corals dates back to ancient Roman times. The ancient Romans believed that corals had the functions of preventing disasters, giving people wisdom, stopping bleeding and dispelling heat. Some navigators believed that wearing red corals could prevent lightning and hurricanes, calm the wind and waves, and travel safely!