What is Turquoise?

Turquoise is one of the ancient gems. As one of the “four famous jades” in China, turquoise has a splendid history of thousands of years and is deeply loved by people at home and abroad in ancient and modern times.

benefits of wearing turquoise

As a natural jewelry and jade, turquoise can have a certain radiation protection effect for a long time, especially for those who often work in front of computers or do not leave their mobile phones.

Wearing it for a long time is conducive to enhancing human immunity, promoting cell regeneration, and playing a certain role in strengthening the body.

what does wearing turquoise means?

Wearing turquoise means good luck. Turquoise symbolizes trust and trust, and is known as the "stone of success and luck".

Wearing turquoise means wealth and nobility. Turquoise is deeply rooted in people's hearts with the image of the incarnation of God, symbolizing power and status.

Wearing turquoise also means loyalty. Turquoise ring means loyalty to your partner, and also expresses sincere love for your one and only.